Two Hands, One Heart

New! This is an Arthur Lipner "best of" CD. The album is a collection of 24 of Arthur's favorite recorded works from 1990-2015.

For limited time: get an advance copy for $15 + shipping.

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Musicians: get charts for the 19 Lipner compositions contained on Two Hands, One Heart, available as PDFs (emailed upon purchase). Great to play along with on any instrument! Only $15.

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Arthur's new double album, "Two Hands, One Heart," is a best-of collection spanning the last 25 years of his career. Total 24 tracks, 12 acoustic and 12 electric. Mostly original compositions, with several from others' album projects. Includes the Lipner classic Lime Juice along with Vincent (McLean) and Let's Stay Together (AL Green).

Here are Arthur's liner notes from the CD cover:

In this collection I've picked my favorite tracks from 1990-2015, mostly original compositions. My mind gets constricted if I haven't written music or poetry in awhile. Some compositions need only to be channeled, seemingly complete in some other place (This Is What..). Others are a mixture of processes, digging deep into the acoustic sound of vibes and marimba in search of melodies and grooves which are connected to their organic origins. I clearly remember the many recording sessions from Holland to Rio, NYC to my home studio. Every moment is of the present, uniquely singular. For me it's always the same, whether my album or a United Airlines commercial: put on the headphones, shutout all else, hear magic, paint with sound. I'm thankful to all the musicians and engineers who contributed to this body of work, and humbled by the opportunity to do what I do. Enjoy!

Many musicians over the years are included on this album. Here are a few: Bob Mintzer, Glen Velez, Fred Hersch, Jerome Harris, Vic Juris, Nelson Faria, Harvie S., drummers Joel Rosenblatt and Tommy Igoe.

1. Crystal Mallet (Lipner)
2. Rio (Lipner)
3. This Is What The Silence Sounds Like (Lipner)
4. Transfusion (Lipner)
5. Morning Song (Lipner)
6. SambaDharma (Lipner)
7. Heartsong (Lipner)
8. Vincent (Mclean)
9. Cool Desert Rondo (Lipner)
10. Kayak (Lipner)
11. Pramantha (DeSalvo)
12. Fortune Teller (Lipner)

1. Lime Juice (Lipner)
2. Waverider (Lipner)
3. Let's Stay Together (Al Green)
4. Hymn For G.P. (Lipner)
5. Brasil's Hold On Me (Lipner)
6. Four Brothers (Giuffre)
7. Mood Vibe (Lipner)
8. Blue Tango (Lipner)
9. Snakey (Lipner)
10. Slo Burn 68 (Lipner)
11. Mango Man (Lipner)
12. Some Uptown Hip-Hop (Lipner)

Dubway Recording, NYC
Home Base Studio, NYC
Kampo Recording Studio, NYC
Carriage House Recording Studio, Stamford, CT
Presence Recording Studio, Westport, CT
Sonalyst/Power Station, Watertown, CT
Thunder Lake Audio, Wilton, CT
DJC Recording Den Bosch, Netherlands
UFRJ, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
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