Liquide Stones

Arthur Lipner: vibes, marimba
Jack De Salvo: acoustic and elec. guitar


1. Kayak
2. Radiance
3. TwelveTone Tune (T.T.T.)
4. Nightcrawler
5. Aside
6. A Beach Scene
7. Assura
8. Another Blue
9. Walking Damp Ground
10. Liquid Stone
11. Foreign Intrigue
12. Wellspring
13. KA
14. Heartsong


"Guitar and vibraphone in a thrilling duo recital with timeless, inflammable ideas... Warm ballads burgeon beside provoking, avant-garde sound plasma, forming their own integrated musical system of co-ordination.." CD Tips, Germany

“What better way to let tones glow and flow than to hang them between Lipner and DeSalvo on vibes/marimba and guitar...Even when the melody is abstract, the sound is great!.”  Jazztimes

“Thoughtful and astute duets.Tightly focused but always in the service of their genuinely original compositions. A fine digital document by two impressively versatile and creative talents.”  Cadence

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