Arthur Lipner Sessions For Hire

Adding Arthur's real vibes, marimba, and steel drums is a great way to enhance jazz, pop, and world music
 projects. Artists and producers are often unfamiliar with how to incorporate these instruments into their music. Listen to these samples of what Arthur's performance can add to your recording project - taken from 18 different albums/sessions!

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NYC-based Arthur Lipner has been a solo artist, bandleader, and first-call session player for more than three decades. He can help with all production aspects of adding the amazing sounds of his instruments to your music.

Artists and producers often want to add vibes, marimba or steel pans to a couple of tunes on an album but don't know how to go about hiring the best and having it all come together. Sometimes people ask Arthur for specific parts such as melody or solo. Other times, people want his energy and sound color but aren't sure which instrument to use and what fits where in compositions/arrangements or tracks already recorded. This is where Arthur's expertise really shines.

He can listen to your music with you by phone or Skype. He'll get a sense of your creative ideas and goals, make recommendations, and work through the process together with you. Arthur can provide you with multiple takes and choices, allowing for maximum flexibility in post-production.

These are among his many session calls on vibes, steel pans and marimba:

- Jazz vibes on 10 AT&T tv spots, plus other sessions for tv

- Steel pans for a recent United Airlines In-Flight Safety Video. In that session, Arthur created 8 tracks to create the sound of a mini steel band.

- Other TV work includes performing live on ABC's The View, Fuji tv (Tokyo-based) and a Lime-Away commercial.

- Marimba session with Alash (Russian Tuvan throat singers), many albums and projects.

Recently, Arthur played vibes on a Chet Baker-style album for US release, and a Beatles tune for a Rio de Janeiro-based vocal artist. He has done a dozen recording sessions in Rio, but with today's technology Arthur can just as easily complete his sessions at home - saving time and money.

So, enjoy the demo reels and get in touch!
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Arthur Lipner's
Music Projects

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Musicians Arthur
has worked with

Abbott, Pete
Acevedo, Memo
Adamson, Gary
Adamy, Paul
Adelman, Jeremy
Adelson, Steve
Alcala, Rafael
Alcazar, Hugo (Peru)
Alegria, Gabriel (Peru)
Alexander, Glenn
Alvarez, Ruben
Alves, Helio
Amado, Ligia (Brazil)
Amarante, Gustavo
Amorim, Jorge
Anderson, Dave
Aquino, Jorge (Mexico)
Aries, Robert
Arpino, Thierry
Assis, Nanny
Astrand, Anders (Sweden)
Bailey, Sheryl
Ball, Roger
Banks, Stanley
Bariluk, Nick
Barney, Tom
Becker, Bob
Bert, Eddie
Bickford, Bill
Bjarnason, Jon Pall (Iceland)
Blackman, Cindy
Blu, Gary
Blumenthal, Rob
Boccato, Rogerio
Bonadio, Joe
Botelho, Tony (Brazil)
Boukas, Richard
Bowler, Phil
Braga, Paulo
Brandao, Itaiguara
Brandao, Sergio
Brewer, Walt
Bridges, Ben
Bryant, Freddie
Brubeck, Chris
Brubeck, Dave
Burritt, Mike
Cardoso, Rodolfo (Brazil)
Cartwright, Katchie (Peru)
Cedras, Tony
Christie, Lynn
Cichy, Jan (Poland)
Cimorosi, Tony
Cintron, Tony
Clarke, Mike
Clarke, Terry
Claudio, AC (Brazil)
Coil, Pat
Conceicao, Ney (Brazil)
Constantin, Francois (France)
Continentino, Alberto (Brazil)
Cordew, Lionel
Cosby, Bill
Cunningham, Ruth
Currie, Graham
Cutrone, John
Darcy, Carlos
Darling, David
Dayle, Aubrey
DeGanon, Clint
DePaul, Acelino (France)
De Haas, Jan (Belgium)
DeSalvo, Jack
Didrichsen, Susan
Dickenson, Frank
Ditmas, Bruce
Dixson, Artie
Douthitt, Mark
Drake, Mike
Duarte, Cassio
Dunaway, Dave
Dyne, Paul (New Zealand)
Ennis, Jason
Erskine, Peter
Espinasse, Guilherme
Eulau, Andy
Faria, Nelson (Brazil)
Feldman, David
Fierro, Lorraine
Finck, David
Ford, Mark
France, Gary (Australia)
Franco, Guilherme
Freitas, Kiko (Brazil)
Fujisaka, Yoichi (Japan)
Fuller, Jeff
Galindo, Joao
Gallatin, Amy
Ganz, Jeff
Garcia, Richie Gajate
Gaskin, David
Getter, Jane
Gioffre, Ken
Gioia, Tom
Goines, Lincoln
Golden, John
Gonzalez, Dennis
Gottlieb, Danny
Goudswaard, Willy (Netherlands)
Grainger, Gary
Greenbaum, Ricardo (Brazil)
Gregory, Peter
Gress, Drew
Hafenstein, Tanja (Australia)
Handy, Craig
Harris, Bill
Harris, Jerome
Haru Hersch, Fred
Hetrick, Craig
Hirschfield, Russell
Horikoshi, Akira (Japan)
Houghton, Steve
Hrafnsson, Gunnar (Iceland)
Igoe, Tommy
Infante, Claudio
Isler, Todd
Jack, Alston
Jackson, Chip
Jones, Rodney
Johnston, Randy
Juris, Vic
Keane, Brian
Keijser, Matthieu (Canada)
King, Rudy
Klein, Ann
Klein, Randy
Kolker, Adam
Korman, Cliff
Kuhne, Willem (Netherlands)
Kreiger, Sarah
Kreitzer, Scott
Lammers, Brian
Landau, Randy
Landberg, Rolf (Sweden)
Latham, Rick
Lavalle, Mike
Lawrence, Erik
Lee, Will
Leonhart, Jay
Levin, Pete
Lewis, Tony
Little, Wes
Love, Dave
Lubambo, Romero
Luis, Ze
Macneal, Tyger
Magnusson, Bob
Malabe, Frankie
Mansfield, Steve
Masssa, Renato (Brazil)
Mater, Bob
Mathes, Rob
Mazza, Aldo
McDaniel, Dill
Meirelles, Pascoal (Brazil)
Mendolas, Juan Lazaro
Meo, Joe
Meio Noite
Meuller, Klaus
Meyers, Paul
Miller, Dina
Mintzer, Bob
Mittleman, Kellie
Mola, Jim
Morales-Matos, Rolando
Moran, Steve
Moreira, Manny
Morello, Joe
Mounsey, Rob
Mover, Jonathan
National Symphony Orchestra of Brazil
Neuman, Scott (North Texas)
Neva, Andre (Brazil)
Nobuzane, Miho
Odze, Warren
Owens, Frank
Palmer, Tom
Parker, Chris
Parlato, Gretchen
Pava, Alyssa
Peckham, Rick (college - North Texas)
Pereira, Renato
Pereira, Vanderlei
Petrone, Rick
Phelps, David
Phelps, Drew
Piasecki, Krzysztof "Puma" (Poland)
Pragasam, Louis (Malaysia)
Purrone, Tony
Radaczek, Dave
Rankin, Alasdair (Scotland)
Rebillot, Pat
Reed, Kip
Refosco, Mauro
Richards, Land
Richmond, Mike
Rivera, Emedin
Rivero, Glenn
Rivero, Gregory
Roche, Doug
Rosauro, Ney
Rosenblatt, Joel
Rossi, Rick
Royle, Jim
Ryerson, Ali
Sachs, Steve
Saito, Jun
Salvador, Sal
Sanabria, Bobby
Sansaverino, Joe
Santos, Adriano
Schiff, Hal
Schreiner, Gary
Scortia, Eric
Sfraga, Barbara
Shipp, Matt (college - Univ of Delaware)
Simon, Allan
Simopoulos, Nana
Sitkowski, Marislav (Poland)
Soskin, Mark
Southworth, Jeff
Stagnaro, Oscar
Swartz, Harvie
Takauchi, Haru
Teixeira, Cedino
Tomasso, Marco (Brazil)
Toney, Kevin
Torff, Brian
Torte, Carlos
Udell, Eric
Um Romao, Dom
Valeriano, Nano
Van Grinsven, Frans (Netherlands)
Van De Westen, Erik (Netherlands)
Van Roij, Marc (Netherlands)
Vasconcellos, Renato (Brazil)
Vasconcellos, Ricardo (Brazil)
Velez, Glen
Wallace, Don
Ward, Bob
Weiss, David
Wendelboe, Jens
Wendholdt, Scott
Westerhuis, Michiel (Netherlands)
Williamson, Bruce
Williamson, Peter
Wofsey, Gary
Woma, Bernard (Ghana)
Won, Allen
Wormworth, Tracey
Won, Allen
Yamashita, pianist - first name? (Osaka, Japan)
Yee, David
Zoller, Dave
Zurkowski, Rich