Malletworks Music Sound Catalouge

Arthur Lipner: vibes, marimba
Michael Burritt: marimba (Space Dancer)
Ney Rosauro: vibes, marimba, percussion
Univ. of Delaware Percussion Ensemble: Dir. by Harvey Price
Western CT State University Jazz Ensemble: Dir. by Dave Smith Univ. of Central Florida Drumline, Dir. by Jeff Moore


1. Crystal Mallet (Solo Vibraphone)
2. Pramantha (Vibes/Marimba duo)
3. Space Dancer (Vibes/Marimba duo with congas)
4. Some Uptown Hip Hop (Percussion Ensemble Calypso)
5. City Soca (Percussion Ensemble Calypso)
6. Kaleidoscope (Solo Vibraphone)
7. La Danza Pasillo (Drumline Mallet Feature)
8. On Fire (Drumline Mallet Feature)
9. Lime Juice (Percussion Ensemble Calypso)
10. Lime Juice (Percussion Ensemble Calypso)
11. Diversion (Marimba Quartet)
12. Cenas Amerindas (Multiple Percussion Solo)
13. Concerto for Vibraphone and Orchestra (Vibes/Piano duo)
14. Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra (Marimba/Piano duo)
15. Cabana En El Sol (Big Band Mallet Feature)
16. 24 Jam (Big Band Mallet Feature)
17. St. Thomas (Big Band Mallet Feature)

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