In Any Language

Arthur Lipner: vibes, marimba
Vic Juris: acoustic guitar
Bob Mintzer: saxophones
Paul Adamy: bass
David Dunaway: guitars
Watten Odze: drums
Frankie Malabe: percusssion
Joyce Dolos Stovall: vocals
David Gaskin: vocals


1. Some Uptown Hip-Hop
2. Mr Bubble
3. In Any Language
4. Reflection
5. Second Wind
6. City Soca
7. Pramantha
8. Free Ride


“A classy sound...some settings are raw, some restrained and lush.  Yet everything is, above all, musical...It is certainly world beat - universal perhaps.”  Modern Drummer

“Indeed, there’s a refreshing sound that lifts everything and everyone...Terrific...Arresting, whether coaxing rich rain-forest sounds from his marimba, or letting loose free-flowing arcs...”  Jazztimes

“In Any Language could fit in anybody’s CD collection anytime. Any questions???”  Percussive Notes

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