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2020 May Update
Here in today's New World we share a collective acceptance of reality, hoping to move past it all as soon as possible. For musicians like myself it has been devastating. All gigs, concerts and workshop bookings have stopped until an unknown date in the future. All tours cancelled. Teaching online remains active. I'm taking this period to do online collaborations with new musicians I'm meeting around the world - Spain, Gambia, Senegal, UK, Colombia, Malaysia and more. These are exciting projects yielding exiting new music! You can view them all at my YouTube channel so please subscribe there.

Also, I'm using this available time to finally finish the MalletWorks Music website.  It will  include downloads of many of my most popular compositions as well as  paper/digital versions of the entire MalletWorks catalog at discounted prices. I have several new pieces I've written  - and older pieces I've not yet notated such as "Aspen Fingers" which I play with my fingertips - which will be included in that new site. Excited! There's a great video of that piece live on tour in Moscow from last November which I am hoping to procure soon. 

If you weren't able to make any of my 4 live streams in April they are all archived as posts on my Facebook page. This has been a great way to connect with my online community of friends, fans and followers. As you see in the flier above, I'm devoting the last 3 Fridays in May to playing the music of and screening the documentary Talking Sticks. If you haven't seen it yet now's your chance...FREE!  After the 22nd & 29th screenings I and Special Guests will be available to chat live.

Well that's all for now. Hope to see on a May Friday!
Thanks for your support and back to you soon..
Best wishes,

2020 January Update

Hey everyone, Happy New Year!  2020...really? Yes here we are!!

And here in the NYC area it's c-c-c-cold. I'm staying in town until heading to the UK mid-March. This will mark my 40th(!) tour in Europe. I'll be teaching at the Junior section of the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. Probably doing a couple other gigs around there as well. My schedule is at the Dates tab so please check it out.

2019 was some serious travelling for me.  I took my first trips to China and Russia. So cool! If you follow me on Insta and/or FB you likely saw my regular posts.  These are places, when I was a kid, that I never pictured I would visit.  To be there playing and teaching music there was so great. Massive thanks to my hosts, and the companies Lu
dwig-Musser and Mike Balter Mallets/Zildjian, for helping those tours become a reality. Ludwig-Musser vibes & marimbas, and Balter Mallets, have been an important part of my sound and career since I began professionally in the mid-1980's. Their partnership in my educationaI endeavors is so important, as together we spread the news around world. I look forward to returning to China and Russia in the coming years.

In other news..the UK publisher ABRSM commissioned me to compose two pieces for their Tuned Percussion Series. I am most humbled to contribute my compositions! The series presents standardized levels of playing across the UK, and the many other countries who utilize them as well. It's a great honor..and also means I'll likely continue to return the UK annually for teaching and performances.  Love being there, and have developed many great friendships over the years.

As you may know, for a limited time the entire documentary Talking Sticks is available free online for viewing. You can watch it above, or on YouTube by clicking here.

I began with this last year so I'll end with it now:
I'm constantly reminded of the important role music plays in our lives. I'll alwa
ys be thankful for the opportunities presented to me, and appreciate every chance I get to play music and connect with others near and far.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020. Hope to see you in my travels. Please do be in touch via FB and Instagram, I'm always happy to hear from fellow musicians and fans.

All best wishes! Arthur

2019 Happenings

Hey everyone!

I'm constantly reminded of the important role music plays in our lives. I'll always be thankful for the opportunities presented to me, and appreciate every chance I get to play music and connect with others near and far.

I'm thrilled to announce that the documentary Talking Sticks is available as a download. Some of the great reviews are at the www.talkingsticksfilm.com  feedback tab. So..grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

2018 was busy, inspirational and lots of fun. The highlight was definitely my return trip to Australia, where I adjudicated the first-ever Australian Vibraphone Competition. It was great to be back, love it there! You can see my itineraries, past and present under the Dates tab above. Also in 2018, the Brazilian Vibes Trio recorded a live album at Jazz Forum in NY. We just started mixing that and are planning an April release so stay tuned.

2019 will see exciting gigs and tours. The Brasilian Vibes Trio will be performing at the Montpelier Arts Center in Laurel, MD May 3rd. Other USA concerts in Utah, CT, NYC... Planning my 39th trip to Europe at the end of November. Psyched! May be going to the Far East in August. I'm also Co-Director of a new group called the Nordic Youth Jazz Orchestra.

This is a Big Band comprised of some of the High School best students in SW Connecticut. A very exciting project co-led by Jens Wendelboe (Trombone, Composer/Arranger) and Per Onnerud (Trumpet, Founder of Nordic Sound Jazz Orchestra).

I've started a monthly educational video series about vibes, marimba, music business, career guidance and other topics. It's all on my You Tube channel so please have a look and click the subscribe link when you get there. Here's a recent vibe solo with my trio!  Also, please sign up for the mailing list (to your right) for my quarterly newsletters. I'm active on Facebook and Instagram too!

In composition, I was commissioned to write two pieces for the UK's ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools Of Music) jury exam materials. A very exciting project! My pieces will be included in the 2020 editions, used in the UK and worldwide. Also in 2020, after a few year's hiatus, l'm hoping to return to to perform with Ney Rosauro.

Thanks for your support all these years. Hope to see you somewhere sometime soon!

With much thanks,

2018 starts off with a very cool 2 weeks in Europe. Also looking forward to my 2nd trip to Australia/New Zealand in September. Between those tours, well, some other things including the recording of my first live album ever! Hard to believe with 50+ album credits, but finally the stars have aligned. The Brasilian Vibes Trio will record live at Jazz Forum (Tarrytown, NY) Sunday, June 10th. Sets 4pm & 7pm. Below is video of a concert we did in Indianapolis a few months ago.

I'm very excited to announce the expanding Store area of this site to include downloads of almost all the music I've ever written. You can purchase the Vibes Real Book and Crystal Mallet for now, with more titles coming shortly. I've started working on an original collection of marimba solos to be released in the Fall. That too will be available here.

In the recording area, many of you have been asking about the solo albums I did last year. Solo Sounds released 8 of them. Only the Drake on solo steel drums is still in the can. Below are a few of the album covers which will take you to iTunes.

Finally, I've lately been posting more on Instagram so hope to see you over there. Or at some of my performances in the coming months wherever you are. Thanks for stopping by, and for your continuing support.
2017 Happenings

Hey everyone!

2017 brought in lots of cool projects. Right now I'm headed to PASIC '17 in Indianapolis to perform with my band Brasilian Vibes Trio. Check out this cool video of us at a festival we played over the Summer:

I ended up recording 9 albums this year! 7 were solo projects for the label Solo Sounds on vibes, marimba and steel pans. A very cool concept that I know you all will enjoy. Solo Sounds is also releasing a solo vibes Christmas album coming out shortly which will make for a great holiday gift!

Here are a few of the covers. Click on them to connect with iTunes for preview and purchase:

In education news..soon the Vibes Real Book will be available at the Store on this site - as a download! Yes, the classic bestseller will enter this new phase of it's life in two digital volumes. I'm excited! So please check back here the week after PASIC.

Another exciting development is that the documentary Talking Sticks will be available as a download on or about Jan 1st. If you haven't seen the film yet or watched the trailer, check it out here:

This will be a huge step in the release of the film. The reviews have been fabulous and supportive. You can read them at the feedback tab of the film's website:


I want to write more now but I can't - have to go practice! Thanks for stopping by the site. Grab a beverage, relax, have a look around and watch some of the videos. I hope to hear from you and maybe see you near or far. Until then, thank you for your support and best wishes!
  2016 Happenings

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2015 Happenings

Last year was an exciting year for my work. The World Premiere of Talking Sticks and screening at several film/jazz festivals. Tours in Iceland, Turkey, UK and Brazil. The release of a quintet album by The Crossing. Gigs at NYC's The Blue Note and Iridium. The publication of several new arrangements of mine, including a solo vibes version of Ave Maria. I also played steel drums on the United Airelines in-flight safety video.

This year started off with a couple of especially exciting gigs already. Jan 23rd I played at the Pompano Beach Jazz Festival with Nanny Assis & Group. Sandwiched between sets by Phil Woods and Tierney Sutton/Hubert Laws in a beautiful outdoor amphitheater, we gave one of the best concerts of our lives. A few weeks later, my steel band played live on ABC's The View, a total blast! Just last week I joined with a major licensing/publisher which I will elaborate on in the coming weeks. Looking ahead to May I'll be in Chicago and Las Vegas, please check my Dates for more info. My Spring gig plans in Russia have, unfortunately, crashed along with the ruble.

It hass been 25 years since my first solo project "In Any Language" was released. Since then I've done a ton more recording! I've decided to release a compilation of some of the best tracks over the first 25 years. So excited! Will plan to have this ready for a June release. On the publishing side, my book The Vibes Real Book was released 20 years ago. This has become the standard method for learning Jazz Vibes at school around the world. MalletWorks Music is offering a free cd with any direct orders at their woefully pitiful ancient site malletworks.com so please head over there. There's a link to the right of this which will shortcut you to the shopping cart of this special offer. For overseas orders you'll need to go to malletworks.com and click the catalog for your shipping zone.

This year my second child graduates High School and moves on to college. I have always walked the delicate line of being home for fatherhood and being out at night or on the road performing. That means that starting in September I will be available to travel anytime anywhere! Coinciding with this, I'm putting together a new band and concept. So psyched! We have exciting possibilities to play regularly in a NYC venue and record. I'll share more of this as it develops. Also, my manager/agent Marilyn Gilbert is booking Talking Sticks Screening/Concert packages for '15-16 and beyond so please have your local venue contact her if you'd like me to come to your area (Contact at this site). Talking Sticks is now available for sale to educational libraries. Please visit www.talkingsticksfilm.info for further info. Living Arts is working on online ordering through that site, but until that's done you can send an email there for the order form.

I've been using Facebook more and more for contact, writing far less frequently at this site. Please be sure to like Arthur Lipner Music so we can be connected.

Click here and then click to the like the page!

Thanks for stopping by and all best wishes!

- Arthur & Team

Talking Sticks Trailer is Here!
Vibes and marimba are the focus of this extraordinary and compelling film about creativity, culture and connection. Leading percussionist Arthur Lipner is our journeyman. His personal experiences and search for fulfillment bring us to a small village in Ghana, Carnival in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, a marimba factory in Mexico, improvisation on an ice xylophone in Norway, and much more. Talking Sticks includes a brief history of vibes and marimba, footage of the instruments being made by artisans in several countries, and glimpses of the critical role of music in different cultures. Grammy-winning vibes player Gary Burton, jazz legend Mike Mainieri, ice musician Terje Isungset (interviewed in an igloo!) and other top musicians discuss percussion and music in their lives. Talking Sticks brings performances, education and extraordinary locations together to create a unique and inspiring documentary for all ages. (63 mins). www.talkingsticksfilm.com

Brasilian Vibes
My latest CD is BRASILIAN VIBES, available on iTunes. Physical discs are available at the link at www.malletworks.com.

There are numerous vocal tracks on this record, something a bit different for me. It includes jazz trombonist Wycliffe Gordon (he scats on "Four Brothers") and Brasilian guitarist Nelson Faria.

Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, NYC and CT, I went back to Rio for 10 days to mix it. On this recording I reach to my keyboard roots, recording piano/keys on 3 tracks - along with my Vibes, Marimba and Steel Drums (1 track). Brasilian Vibes presents my instruments (vibes and marimba) in a hybridisation of Brasilian styles. This mixture of pop, jazz and percussion energy reunites my instruments with their African percussion roots, Brasilian-style, to present a cross section of the vast energy in Brasilian music with funky, grooving tracks including vocals and a few originals of mine.

Unseen Rain Records has released a gorgeous acoustic quintet album on which I played vibes and marimba on. It contains two of my latest compositions, SambaDharma and This Is What The Silence Sounds Like. The latter is perhaps the most beautiful instrument music I have ever written/recorded. The Crossing includes old friend Jack DeSalvo (guitars) with whom I recorded the duo CD Liquide Stones more than 20 years ago!

Here's a link to get the recording on iTunes!

A special note: I will personally sign all CDs of mine bought via the Malletworks Web site.

2014 Happenings

2014 has seen a lot of cool things happening, an interesting year of recording sessions and travel. Gigs, teaching and sessions in Iceland, London, Turkey, Brazil. Let me explain..

In April, I started working on my new album to be released Nov 1st. The goal of the album is to explore the possibilities of vibes and marimba with the folkloric/popular music of other cultures in ways which has never been done before. Pretty lofty, I know, but the music is exciting! And gorgeous! For this project this year I went to Iceland, Turkey and Brazil to record/perform. Mixing will start in the coming weeks. No title yet selected for the album. Planning to include tracks from Ghana as well, with a bonus cut from USA(!) if there's room..More info about that album in the next update.

I've been to Iceland before, but my first time to Turkey. Both amazing! I stayed in each place about a week so had a chance to get to experience the cultures a bit. Can hardly describe it all. And the opportunity to play with local musicians and collaborate was really a lifetime experience, affirming one of the main reasons why I play music in the first place: to communicate with others. The Turkish musicians I played with spoke no English. The vocals from both places are in their native tongue. Fascinating how the instruments blended SO well together!

In other recording sessions, I played steel drums on the new United Airlines in-flight Safety video (I'm at 3:20 if you're watching). Played vibes on a track for Morning Joe Scarborough's new cd. And am part of a new NYC-based jazz group, as yet unnamed, which recorded a cd for Unseen Rain Records due for release before year's end. I contributed a couple of new compositions for that.

Appearance of note..I'll be joining Nanny Assis at NYC's world-famous Blue Note Jazz club Sunday August 24th. Also with Nanny that day will be Janis Siegel (Manhattan Transfer) and other great musicians. Hope you can make this special gig. All my concert and appearances are listed on this site at Dates.

Thanks for stopping by! I update much more regularly to fb so if we aren't friends please find me.

Musically yours, Arthur

Here's a clip from a recent Nanny Assis/Brasilian Vibes gig at The Blue Note in NYC. Check it out!!
To all you APAP 2014 attendees, we will be presenting three showcases with a special guest, the unbelievable Brazilian dancer, Joao Gaucho. This will be John's USA debut. Exciting!!

Here's a video of our band playing live in Sao Paulo on Programma Do Jo, Brasil's version of David Letterman:
But before that, I'll be performing as guest with the NYU Music Ed Jazz Ensemble Thurs Dec. 12 8p at the Loewe Theatre in NYC. We'll be doing two of my compositions arranged for Big Band by Bob Mintzer.

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